Who’s in Charge of the Chicken?

It really is a sad world when even my four year old daughter seems to notice that our society does have a tendency to skip Thanksgiving.

She first commented on it BEFORE Halloween when we headed into Target to look for costumes. She was confused by the hanging Christmas banners throughout the store and the Christmas decorations that seemed to overlap with the Halloween section that we were trying to view.

“Why do they have the Christmas stuff out, don’t they know we haven’t had chicken day yet?” asked Catherine.

She’s asked me about Thanksgiving repeatedly for weeks now, each time we enter a store, or each time we pass a house that is already decorated for the holiday season.

“Look! They’ve put up their chicken lights!” she declared excitedly as we drove home from dance class last week and passed a home that had spread Christmas lights on their evergreens already.

Both kids have spent time preparing projects at daycare as they learn about Thanksgiving and we’ve shared several storybooks at bedtime. They even went so far as to have a Thanksgiving feast at daycare, which Catherine couldn’t wait to tell us all about. She referred to the feast as a ‘turkey beast.’

In an effort to drag out Thanksgiving a bit further we had our own little ‘mini-beast’, just the four of us. We even allowed the kids to drink sparkling apple cider from real wine glasses, lit candles, and used real linens as a great practice run before launching into the many feasts and family gatherings that will come this week. Of course, we chose to eat our fancy mini-beast in the comfort of our pajamas, but such is the joy of creating our own family traditions.

Mini-'beast' 2008

One thought on “Who’s in Charge of the Chicken?”

  1. Chicken Day does have a tendency to get overlooked. That is so cute that she would say that. I hate the early decorating for Christmas. It overshadows Halloween and Thanksgiving.

    That pic is darling.

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