Sometimes it’s Hard…

to return to work after a vacation. I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to take vacation time from work over the holiday season. I’ve been home since the 23rd of December and despite the usual amount of holiday chaos I’d have to say that I’ve enjoyed my time at home. I’ve not given work a second thought and have instead enjoyed time with my family. The house is clean and for once I feel like I’m ready to start the week. I know that in the current economic state of the nation that I’m lucky to have a job to return to, but I can’t help from time to time to wish I could be at home all the time.

I wonder if everyone feels this way as they return to work after the holiday?

2 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s Hard…”

  1. I didn’t get time off but with the ice storm and hub’s layoff… I know wht you’re saying. Hang in there… one day the lottery winnings will come?! sighh….

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