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Previous Furore and Frenzy posts from the month of February.

Frebruary 2007

Maxwell Simon: A post dedicated to Max on the occasion of his first birthday.

Let the Festivities Begin: We host our first family event in our new house

No Infants in This House! : I lament over the dismissal of our infant carrier from daycare

A Generation of Bored: Why are kids ALWAYS bored? Who’s to blame?

A Tribute to Aurora: A reflection on a friend I haven’t seen in a decade

Oblivious to the Universe: A rant about people that don’t notice the world around them

February 2008

Why I Love February: A simple checklist of all the reasons I love the month. This year I’m not so sure I love it.

Happy Birthday Maxwell Simon!: A tribute to Max on his 2nd birthday

For Once There’s A Happy Ending: A retelling of a local accident and some local students who saved the day.

Falling Off The Road: I recount our adventure when our car goes off the road on a trip to my mother’s house.

Enjoy That Daylight While It Lasts: I rant about daylight savings time arriving much to early in my opinion.

Papa Will You Get the Moon For Me?: A reflection on viewing the lunar eclipse, miscarriage, and parenting.

A Plague Upon My House: The flu takes over our house and our lives.

What Will You Do With Your X-tra Day?: Believe it or not, there is actually some controversy involving Leap Year. What do you think?